Friday, February 18, 2005

What is the fullness of Christ?

The purpose of our existence, the reason God created us is stated in three similar ways:

  • fullness of God (Eph 3:14),
  • fullness of Christ (Eph 4:13),
  • perfect in Christ (Col 1:28)
The Elements of Fullness in Christ include:
  • maturity (perfection, completeness, wholeness)
  • unity (in faith and knowledge)
  • intimacy (with God's power and love)
This is why Jesus Christ died; not just to save us from our sins, but also so that we would become fully mature, one with God and other believers, intimately sharing his love and power. We were created to become like Jesus. Christians are destined to become little Christs; below God, yet higher than angels. As little Christs we shall indeed "glorify God and enjoy him forever".