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USSPN Weekly State Prayer Focus for ARKANSAS (January 30 - February 5, 2005)

I am forwarding our USSPN Weekly State Prayer Focus for ARKANSAS (January 30 - February 5, 2005). Dr. Jay D. Morse, our Apostolic Coordinator for Arkansas (, submitted the following focus and history.


Chuck D. Pierce


Prayer Focus for the State of Arkansas

“2005 is the year of ‘Redemptive Harvesting’, as we declare that the things which the thief has stolen, killed, or destroyed will be restored in miraculous harvest because of the redemptive work of God upon our state.”

—Dr. Jay Morse, USSPN Apostolic Coordinator, Arkansas

“There is such a war over this state, to hold the state and the Church in deception. God says, ‘It’s going to break this year. It will either break this year, or it will be known that the Spirit of God has left these boundaries.’ It’s not going to be any in-between this year…God says, ‘This is a year where My people must break out of their old cycles.’ ” — Chuck Pierce, Global Harvest Ministries Deliverance Conference, Arkansas, December 2004

The Lord has issued Arkansas a precious promise of deliverance and redemption in 2005, one that also carries a solemn warning should we neglect to embrace it. This is not surprising as deliverance is one of Arkansas’ redemptive gifts. As you agree with us over the issues below, please do so from the perspective of deliverance. Declare with us that in 2005, Arkansas and the Church within her will break free from every binding and deceptive structure and cycle that has been allowed to operate within her borders, and enter fully into God’s new season, beginning a new cycle of righteousness.

Please agree with us over the following words that also came forth at the conference in December 2004:

  • “(It’s a) year of deliverance, a year of breaking out…breaking old cycles…destroying cycles you have warred with…violent praise…God’s people will move into the opportunity for their future…they will plunder the enemy’s camp. God says, ‘I want you to come forth with a sound this year that will cause the enemy to let go and give you back what you need for your future.’ “ —Pray for God’s people to break old cycles and move into the opportunity for their future, to receive the new sound of violent praise that they might plunder the enemy’s camp and recover all things he has taken from them.
  • “The only way we keep it (sin) hidden is because of occult… it’s (to) this occult structure that God is saying, ‘Rise up, Church, you are a supernatural people. Break out from under this, receive My Spirit, and rip off that thing that is keeping My glory from invading your land.’ It’s time for that to be broken over us.” —Pray that God’s people will not hesitate to expose, deal with, and be delivered from anything in their lives individually and corporately that hinders God’s glory from flowing through them. Note that this occult structure over the Church in Arkansas includes the following: witchcraft-divination-receiving information illegally (revelation from demonic sources)-secret societies-the evil eye.
  • “God wants a sweeping move of healing (to) break out in this particular state. (Note: healing is another of Arkansas’ redemptive gifts.) To do that, the dark angels are watching after every evil covenant or every false covenant that has been made in secret societies in this particular land. They have actually propagated the lies that have gone out from this particular territory, into the nation and even to other parts of the world, and to them, God has a message. He is saying, ‘I am ready to mobilize My angelic forces into Arkansas so the dark angels can be blinded over My people’…God is ready to dispatch angelic forces into this territory that will cause the darkness that’s linked with false covenants that have been made…for those dark angels to flee from Arkansas and all of the deception that is being propagated by them to let go of the people of this land.” —Pray for the release of these angelic hosts. Declare that God’s people will have the spirit of wisdom and revelation to facilitate the angelic work and warfare as they battle the deception propagated in and from this state, and release the outbreak of healing.
  • “God says, ‘I am ready to deliver My people. I am ready to remove every dark force that’s holding My people out of total freedom. I’m ready to break those things in your bloodline that allow any familial spirit to impart revelation to you. I’m ready to cause anything that’s linked with your finances to be detached from Mammon so you will prosper thirty, sixty, or one hundred fold, instead of just going through the world’s way of increase.’ “ —Pray for the structure of Mammon to be exposed to the Church. Pray that God’s people would disconnect from its system and operate by the principles of Kingdom economics.
  • “God’s people must shift into a governmental gifting order to overthrow the strategic government that is set against us. It takes a government to overthrow a government.” —Pray for revelation among God’s people of His governmental order. Arkansas has a natural call to release the apostolic, but the false apostolic has been so strong here that the true apostolic God desires to birth in this region has not been able to come forward. The counterfeit apostolic structure has created a counterfeit “church” which has stolen revelation from the true Church and veiled her with deception. It has also been manifest in the political system. The iniquity of the counterfeit apostolic has produced a stronghold of fatherlessness which, in turn, has enabled a spirit of lawlessness to rule in our state, particularly in the Church. It is imperative that God’s people war against these false structures in 2005.

- Pray for the destruction of the false apostolic veil thrown over this state, and call forth an angelic host to war against it both in the Church government and civil government.

- Pray for revelation and reception of the true apostles and apostolic structures.

- Pray for true spiritual fathering, and the release of trans-generational worship, warfare, and discipleship that the youth of Arkansas will capture the call of intercession for their generation.

- Pray for the true Church to reclaim the revelation of covenantal relationships that has been stolen by the counterfeit church, as well as the understanding of her corporate identity as a nation.

It has been noted that Arkansas is shaped much like the Hebrew character Hei ×” ,which is one of the numbers in this Hebraic year of 5765. Hei depicts a window lattice and the roar of the wind through it. In this year of 5765, we believe this prophetically speaks of Arkansas as a window releasing a violent roar that will affect the entire nation.

It is our continual prayer and declaration that we will see all of Arkansas saved and transformed as God’s Kingdom is established in our state. Towards that end, in 2005 we are endeavoring to network 1000 intercessors who are committed to pray for Arkansas and the nation. We also believe God to give us 35 churches/ministries this year who will network together for prayer gatherings and declare that this state will be touched and affected by the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Continue to pray over God’s promises for Arkansas from the 50 State Tour:

  1. “I’m going to restore the foundations.”

- We are calling for the restoration of foundations of revival that broke in Arkansas in days past, and for the release of our prodigals. It’s a year of household deliverance.

  1. “I am going to realign and restore Arkansas with its God-ordained purpose.”

- We are praying for the wells of Arkansas’ redemptive gifts of healing, deliverance, and refuge to flow from her womb to her people and throughout the nation

  1. “I’m going to expose and dislodge the serpent.”

- We are decreeing the overthrow of the demonic, false apostolic structure

  1. “It’s time for Arkansas to blossom.”

- We are declaring Isaiah 35 over the state.

Pray for the USSPN Leadership at the national and state level: C. Peter Wagner, Senior Apostle; Chuck Pierce, National Apostle; the National Apostolic Council; Dr. Jay D. and LaNee’ Morse, Arkansas Apostolic Coordinators; Lisa Lyons, Arkansas Mobilizing Coordinator.

General State History

From evidence left in mounds and bluffs, including pottery and stone implements, we know that people have been living in the region that is now Arkansas for thousands of years. The ancestors of the Indians were first to inhabit the region. The abundant wildlife and fertile soil made the area a wonderful home for these people, who gradually developed from primitive hunter-gatherers living in caves to much more sophisticated farmers living in large permanent villages. As the eastern lands were settled, more Indians moved to sparsely inhabited Arkansas. The Indians who lived here included the Folsom people, Bluff Dwellers, Mound Builders, Caddos, Quapaws, Osage, Choctaw and Cherokee.

In 1541, the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto was the first European to set foot in Arkansas. He led an unsuccessful, yearlong expedition for gold. One hundred and thirty-one years later, two Frenchmen named Marquette and Joliet visited Arkansas briefly. In 1682, at the mouth of the Mississippi, LaSalle claimed the Mississippi Valley for France, but was later assassinated by two of his companions. In 1686, Henri De Tonti set out from Fort St. Louis on the Illinois River to meet LaSalle at the mouth of the Mississippi. After he failed to locate LaSalle, De Tonti, the "Father of Arkansas,” established Arkansas Post, the first European settlement in Arkansas.

Over the next hundred years, development of the region was sluggish as the number of settlers slowly increased. In 1762, the entire Louisiana Territory was ceded to Spain, and Spanish governors offered free land and no taxes to encourage settlers to inhabit the area. In 1799, there were approximately 386 white people living in Arkansas. In 1803, the Louisiana Purchase was acquired by the United States, and, in 1819, Arkansas was organized as a territory. Its northern, eastern and southern borders were the same as they are now, but to the west, some of what is now Oklahoma was included. In the same year the Arkansas Gazette, once considered the oldest newspaper west of the Mississippi, was founded by William E. Woodruff. Two years later in 1821, the territorial capital was moved from Arkansas Post to Little Rock.

By 1836, the Arkansas Territory had the 60,000 residents required to become a state, and after writing an acceptable constitution, was declared the 25th state in the United States. The new state enjoyed a thirty-year period of prosperity, and by 1860 had a population of 435,000, 25 percent of whom were slaves. The majority of the residents were planters who lived in the rich bottomlands of the east and southeastern portion of the state and farmers who lived in the central and northern hills. A much smaller number of residents were lawyers, doctors, merchants, missionaries and teachers.

Arkansas was drawn into the Civil War in May of 1861 by its decision to secede from the Union. Troops were mustered and civilians devoted their energy and resources to providing food, clothing, weapons, and horses for the soldiers. Two major battles, Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove, were fought in Arkansas. In 1863, the Confederate government moved to Washington in the southwestern corner of our state; and in 1864 the Union government was established in Little Rock. After the Civil War ended in 1865, the era called Reconstruction began, during which dramatic changes were made in the South. The Democrats returned to power in 1874, the same year our present constitution was adopted. Even as early as 1875, Arkansas was billed as the "Land of Opportunity" when an active campaign was launched outside the state to attract new residents to Arkansas.

By 1900, the population had more than doubled to 1.3 million. Automobiles grew in popularity and in 1921, the first auto, gas, and oil taxes were levied to finance construction of paved roads and highways. The discovery of oil and natural gas reserves in the state provided cheap and plentiful energy for years. The growing use of farm and machinery led to the consolidation of many family-run farms into larger farming corporations.

Arkansans learned in 1904 that rice could successfully be grown here, and it is now one of our most profitable crops. The livestock and dairy industries have also gained prominence in the last 90 years. A post World War II drive to industrialize the state was successful in effecting a more favorable balance of industrial and agricultural production. Firms in Arkansas now manufacture a wide range of items, including aluminum products, aircraft components, communications equipment, cosmetics, clothing, and pulp and paper products.

In 500 years, Arkansas has grown from vast wilderness to a thriving state with a population of millions. Advancements in farming, lumbering, manufacturing, tourism and government have gained Arkansas a viable place in the international market. It is home to the Wal-Mart Corporation, the world’s largest retailer, as well as multi-million/billion dollar companies such as Tyson, Beverly Enterprises, and Arkansas Best.


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