Saturday, February 12, 2005

I have come to praise Al Qaeda, not bury them

Al Qaeda desires the "freedom of man", so do I. They desire everyone to use their freedom for

  • monotheism
  • morals
  • probity
  • asceticism
  • justice.
So do I except I'm not sure how ascetic we need to be. The world would be a much better place if we could live in this freedom that Al Qaeda offers. However, will the three foundations offered bring us freedom.

Foundation 1: Everyone following Sharia Law.

Foundation 2: The return of all Islamic lands.

Foundation 3: The restoration of the Caliphate to the Ummah.

Sharia Law is the opposite of freedom. It does not tolerate diversity of thought or action. All who do not follow Islam are to be enslaved (djimmi) or killed (infidels). As a Christian, I'm not looking forward to the freedom of slaverly. This is not conjecture, it has been the practice in Islamic countries for centuries.

Islam desires a lot of land, including much of Europe which it invaded, then lost. Islam is currently trying to take new land in Africa (Sudan) and Asia (Philippines, etc.). In fact, I know of no land or people in history who adopted Islam except by force. Islamic peoples in Canada and America are pressing for Sharia Law to be adopted there too. The result of history shows that Islam is a conquering faith, bent on militant, world domination.

The Caliph would have the authority, power, and responsibility to expand and enforce Islam and Sharia all over the world, as Islamic people live in every country. I'm afraid the noble goal of enforced freedom will create a totalitarian hell on earth.