Sunday, February 20, 2005

Spiritual Jury Duty for Michael Jackson's Trial

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Bill Yount is a guy who prophecies. I can't vouch for his accuracy, but I am challenged by this,


I asked the Lord why warring angels would be attending this case that turns so many people off, with such allegations being heard. I sense the Father saying, "I have had a remnant of my people praying for Michael for years, and this is the turning point of those prayers being answered."

I sensed the Father saying, "Not many of My own people will be able to truly pray and believe for Michael's salvation because of wanting to judge him already. I am not calling My jury of people to judge but to pray for My justice and truth to come forth and, most of all, for My Holy Spirit to hover over him and to release ministering angels -- heirs of salvation, to minister to him, that My Spirit would draw him to the foot of My cross."
I really hadn't considered the spiritual aspects of this trial. Michael and I are roughly the same age, he from Indiana, I from Illinois. I really enjoyed his music; as I grew up, the Jacksons were one of my favorite bands, I even watched "The Jackson Show" cartoons. Until my late 20's, I had only bought about 10 albums, one of which was "Off the Wall" the debut of Michael Jackson's solo career. On the cover, he was wearing a suit, looking like a real happy guy, a winner. He had a friendly face, a completely normal face for a young black man. With that face and that voice and those dance moves, it was clear he was going to make it as a solo act. He seemed so normal, so mature.

Something happened during the early MTV days. Jackson started changing his image and his body. As if embarrassed by his manhood, he adopted a more juvenile style. Not like his early days when he was young but more a fantasy style that many of us wish we could have. It seemed like just a business move, until I noticed he changed his face to be softer and whiter.

Albums like "Bad" and "Dangerous" made him a megastar. Now these titles sound like a cry for help. My mother was a public school teacher and found some boys dancing and grabbing their crotches. They said they learned it from watching Michael Jackson videos. My mother knew I was his fan and asked me if this was true. I told her "no way". But we watched a video together, and there he was grabbing his crotch, a lot. I was shocked, I had enjoyed this video many times but never noticed it. I was also puzzled, why was he doing this, and was it on TV for millions of children who idolize Michael Jackson. I'm no scold, I enjoyed all his music and tolerated his crotch grabbing; no matter what, he was a dance innovator. But I do regret, the artist who showed such promise in "Off the Wall" never developed, never grew up.

I'm not following the trial closely, but from what I gather, he is guilty of repeated child seductions. To a certain extant, the reasons why Michael Jackson is what he is, don't matter. For me this is a case of loving the sinner but hating the sin. After reading this prophecy, I am now praying for Jackson's repentence and salvation in Christ Jesus. I'm not the kind of person who sees angels, but if there is a spiritual war for this man's soul, I know which side I'll fight for.