Friday, February 25, 2005

Prophetic Intercession for Asia: part 2

In an earlier post, I warned about the strong chance that we would have a Bird Flu Pandemic. Health Experts say this could kill millions of people around the world.

Last Sunday, I taught our Bible Class how to interceed for Asia against this potential Pandemic. This Pandemic, like the earlier Tsunami is not the judgment of God, rather it is a desperate attempt by God's enemy to prevent revival. God has given us a warning, so we can move God to stop or at least diminish this evil plan.

Here is how we pray (from Daniel's intercession for Israel in the book of Daniel ch 9). This is a short example, you can change the words and pray as long as you want.

Praise: Oh great and awesome God, you created the heavens and the earth; you are worthy of all glory, honor and power.

Confession: We have sinned and done wrong. We deserve punishment. The world has rebelled against you and deserves destruction. We have no power in ourselves to stop this pandemic.

Request: Forgive us. Give us your mercy. Turn away your anger. Protect us from evil. Grant us the power and authority to destroy the works of your enemies. In the name of Jesus Christ, we rebuke Satan and his pandemic. We reverse this curse and call for a blessing from heaven. We ask for healing and revival among our nations.

Thanks: Lord, we offer thanks because we know that you always hear us and determine everything for our benefit according to your good and perfect plan. All thanks be to God, who lives forever and ever. Amen.



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