Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Purpose of Life

(This is the basis for a chapter of a book I intend to write on "How to be close to God".)

My father was an atheist and often told me that "Man created God". He taught me that there is no meaning to life, but I could create my own meaning. I could decide what I wanted to be, work hard to achieve it and be satisfied with my success. That was the best life a man could have. Ironically, I became a born-again Christian and a missionary to Taiwan. I don't think that's what my dad had in mind.

Contrary to atheism, the Bible tells me that God created Man. Life has God-given meaning. Our success is measured by discovering our purpose and achieving it. But, what is the purpose of our creation? What is the chief end of man? The traditional answer is that we are to "glorify God and enjoy him forever". This is certainly true, but the Bible tells me so much more.

God's goal is to make all of us mature, and complete. He is not finished until each and every believer is perfect. The purpose of our maturity is to become the Bride of Christ. Marriage is the symbol God uses to show the level of intimacy He desires with us. Christ our Husband, will give us glory and share His profound, immeasurable love with us. As a mature bride, we will bring glory to our Husband and enjoy Him forever.

(The next post will show we become mature.)