Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bid the Pope farewell

Time Has Been Bought by Mike Tucker:

"2-3-05 Dream: I saw a large stained glass window before me. Old Latin words were sealed into it. I was reading the words fluidly but my soul did not comprehend. Then when I finished reading, the Lord spoke, ‘Bid the Pope farewell’.

At this time it has not been disclosed to me if Pope John Paul II will pass away or simply step down. But this event is a significant marker for the end times. I encourage the Body to read the prophecies of St. Malachy. He was an extraordinary prophet in the 12th century and he prophesied about all the remaining Popes to come until the very end. Each Pope was given a specific marker to identify them. According to his prophecies, there are only two popes remaining (after John Paul II). The last Pope will go through the great tribulation.

2-9-05 While pondering about the above words the Lord spoke in my heart, ‘Time has been put back, but everything is on schedule.’"

Perhaps the Pope has a little more time left. I have mixed feelings about John-Paul II. I grew up Catholic and I can still remember the Latin mass of my childhood. When John-Paul II became Pope in 1978, he was MY pope.

Of course I'm not a Catholic now. I became born again, left the church in 1981 during college and became a generic Bible Believin' Christian. I am not happy with the Pope's extravagant devotion to Mary. I remember reading in Newsweek about 12 years ago that he wanted to elevate Mary to Co-mediatrix, I think that means that we are saved by Christ and Mary, rather than Christ alone. Thank God he didn't do it. (I can imagine John-Paul II at the Gates of Heaven bowing down before Mary. She kicks him in the rear-end and says "Get up you Fool! I couldn't even save myself, let alone the rest of you Bozo's. And while we're at it, I never asked you to pray to me. You're a Christian, focus on CHRIST!")

Nevertheless, while I could never bow down and kiss his ring, I respect him as a man who followed his conscience. It is my judgment that he has served the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church long and well. He spoke much about peace and love and seemed to live up to his own message. I hope he will spend his remaining time on Earth: preparing the Church for his successor and preparing his soul for the journey beyond.


Anonymous said...

What happens to the pope's infallibility?? Does he lose this when he steps down?